On Teen Pregnancy.

First off, I would like to say I do not having anything against teenage or young mothers. Please, do not take offence as this is only my opinion. 

Nowadays, it seems like pregnancy amongst teenagers is becoming a trend. Something to somewhat follow and copy and do you know what I don’t like it. Before, if you heard someone was pregnancy you’d think ”oh my god, wow!” and now it’s sort of turned to “oh.. she’s knocked up to?” Pregnancy will always be a beautiful thing in my eyes, but it’s this “trend” thing that is worrying me.

Having a child is a big deal. It is another human you are raising. It’s not a joke, they require care, comfort, love and a lot of your time and attention. I personally think if you fully know what you’re doing, it’s planned and you’re comfortable and stable you should have a baby (if you want to). But even then it will be a struggle, every parent has struggles. Getting pregnant isn’t a “trend to follow” it’s a serious choice you have to commit to. All jokes aside, I can just about take care of myself at the solid age of seventeen, I’m not sure if I could handle a baby as well. Personally, I would only choose to have a baby if I’m living in a stable environment, have finished my education, have stable finances, have a career or a good job and feel as if I am actually ready to have and raise the baby along the way – I personally wouldn’t choose to have a baby if I didn’t have those things. Raising a baby is already tough and without one of those things, I know it would be tougher. I’m seeing girls who should be enjoying their teenage years pushing around strollers in the street and wandering around the baby aisle in the supermarkets so confused as to what to actually buy. It’s saddening.

I have a friend who has a baby and she is doing perfectly fine and that’s what makes me feel relieved and happy because she actually knows what she is doing with her child and I know her child is going to grow up comfortably and well because she is well prepared and has that support around her.

In all, I think pregnancy among us teenagers is becoming a trend and I dislike it. As I stated before. It’s about when you’re ready and most of what I am seeing around is teenage girls who aren’t.


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