On People and Materialism.

Recently, I’ve been very interested as to why most of people in our day and society are so interested in being materialistic. Materialism is one major thing that grips society as a whole today.  It appears that everyone aspires to wear designer clothes, own designer shoes and handbags, drive the flashiest cars, own the biggest homes and I must admit, I wouldn’t mind aspiring to that too. But have you ever stopped to think about all the materialistic things gripping society? Who is to blame? One thing and one thing only, the media.

The media probably plays the biggest part in society. Television, newspapers, magazines.. You simply can’t escape from them! With magazines constantly telling you that you “MUST” have this or you definitely “NEED” that. What can us as humans do apart from give in and buy the damn thing they are trying to sell to us. Can most of us even afford these things? Probably not. In a time where unemployment rates are at an all time high, are we even being put off buying our un-unnecessary wants and focusing on our some what necessary needs? No. I am pretty sure there are people in this world who would work overtime, cut down on buying basic necessities  and borrow money just to buy a Louis Vuitton bag or a pair of Christian Louboutins. Are we not ashamed of ourselves for giving in to this? Buying a pair of Christian Louboutins is perfectly fine, if you can easily afford it without having to borrow money and give up basic necessities. Reality star Teresa Guidice and her husband from the hit show Real Housewives of New Jersey filed for bankruptcy, but has that kept her from spending money like it’s grows on trees? No. She spent an estimated $60000 even though she is “broke”. *sigh*

Teenagers and even young children are looking up to and idolising celebrities. They want what they have. They want the Louboutins that Kim Kardashian wears, they want the Lamborghini that Kanye West drives, they want the Rolex that Rick Ross wears. At one point someone will need to tell them that these celebrities can easily afford these things, heck, they can probably buy them 100 times over.  Kim Kardashian could buy a $15000 dress just for one event and never wear it again afterwards because she can.

There is no way to avoid materialism and consumerism, as our society will continue to thrive on this for many more years to come. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to buy expensive things, or wanting to live a certain kind of lifestyle. As those are the reasons for most of us to work hard in school, college and university, get a well paying job and live comfortably. The problem arises when this all becomes too much and we start this process of intense materialism and consumerism at an earlier stage than we should.

MATERIALISMSpending money you don’t have on shit you don’t even need.”


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