On BTEC & A-Levels.

So this never ending debate about BTECs and A Levels continues here. First off I’d like to say this, just because you do A Levels it doesn’t make you any better or any smarter than someone who does A BTEC qualification. This purely comes down to choice and what suits you best. I’m not taking any sides, I’m just stating my opinions.

A Levels aren’t for everyone the same way BTECs might not be for everyone. There’s talks about one being harder than the other and such, the only difference to me is that in A Levels your studies are spread across four then usually three subjects in the second year, is this academically challenging? Yes. BTEC is studying one subject intensely over different units, is this academically challenging? Yes. In my opinion, I don’t think one is easier or harder than the other. I may be wrong to you, but that is my opinion.

BTEC’s often lead a straight path for occupations. Such as BTEC I.T. Why do four/three different subjects which may be irrelevant when you can just do one? A Levels may lead to different things, for example if you want to go into Law, there is no BTEC for Law. Studying subjects such as AS English, AS English Literature, AS History and AS Law may direct you to that field or even somewhere different depending on what you study at university. The truth is, both of these qualifications will get you to university anyway. Unless you’re thinking of going to Oxford or Cambridge (which from my research don’t accept BTEC qualifications) I don’t understand what all the fuss is about anyway.

I think it’s ignorant for people to believe that students doing any other qualification apart from A Levels are somewhat stupid. As I said above, there are different qualifications for different people. Not everyone is good at exams for example. Just the same way a BTEC may not be relevant for someone who is unsure of what they want to do in the future or for someone who may want a broader learning experience.

No one is exactly the same, we all want to go into different things and walk onto different paths of our lives. Why does what qualification you do matter?


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