On Corbyn & The Labour Leadership

v218-Jeremy-Corbyn-Get-v2I bet a lot of people in the political world are sick to death of hearing about the leadership elections by now, so my apologies for writing this slightly later, but we have to admit; there has been one person dominating this race, when it comes to polls, popularity and even bad press and that person is Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn has been a favourite of mine for a while and I was so pleased to see that he was running for the leadership elections, in my honest opinion, it is about time people had a clear alternative in politics again and due to the failure of Labour in May it looks like we need it quite desperately. Unfortunately, not many people share my opinion when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn wanting to win the Labour leadership, even Labour party members themselves! Having a differ of opinion is fine and so is wanting another candidate to win; that is the whole point of an election in the first place, no? but the problem I am currently having at the moment is the amount of negativity and smearing surrounding his campaign and also the ultimate dispute its left Labour in. Political parties dispute all the time, but this in particular is slightly worrying. I suppose it is over their next leader, it most certainly is a tense situation for everyone involved, especially after the general election defeat in May.

From Labour voters saying that they would ”leave the party” if he wins the leadership elections, to Tony Blair opening his fat trap to say that he is the ”tory preference” to try and deter people from voting for him, despite Corbyn being one of the most left wing socialist politicians I’ve seen in a bit. This anti-Corbyn boat that is floating around bugs me. So you don’t like a candidate who is running in your parties election, is it really necessary to constantly express hatred and spew lies and horrible things? I thought we were adults here.. I’m not so keen on Liz Kendall in the Labour leadership elections but I won’t go around screaming rumours or trying to diminish her campaign. On the topic of Liz Kendall, I was told on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that I was ”against feminism” and a ”lover of patriarchy in politics” because Liz Kendall wasn’t my first preference in the Labour leadership elections (she has since blocked me lol). First of all, what a stupid thing to say. I am not against feminism because I’m not too fond of a female candidate. How does that even make sense to anyone? The whole point of these elections is to pick someone who is worthy and is an adequate fit for the job at hand, Liz Kendall is a good contender but she is not my personal favourite and she will not be my personal favourite just because she is a woman. Yes, there is a scarce amount of women in politics and all the power to the women in predominately male fields of work, but I was surprised that someone could spew so much nonsense in 140 characters. If anything it says more about this persons’ mindset than my own. Don’t worry everyone there may be a female running for prime minister in the next election, she’s a racist, wants guns back on the police force, despises the idea of immigration and has a terrible political history but lets vote for her anyway because she has a pair of breasts and a vagina (satire).


ANYWAY, back on topic. It seems to me that most people despise Corbyn due to the fact that he wants to restore Labour to its roots of a socialist democratic movement, you know the Labour we are sort of supposed to have. The Labour that everyone thinks of, or the Labour that your parents knew. Granted we are in a different time but maybe we need that kind of restoration right now. I believe that the right wingers of the party are trying to stick with the status quo and it has been such a while since we’ve seen such an honest, genuine politician in the forefront of party politics in this country and I think that scares people, a lot. If Kendall, Cooper and Burnham put half their energies into their campaigns and into opposing the Tories instead of Corbyn, they might actually get somewhere in these polls. According to them and a few other right wingers at the start of this election, Corbyn was supposed to be the one to be humiliated and lose. Now he is receiving overwhelming support. Every couple of days I see an article about what another candidate has said about Corbyn and what he would possibly do to destroy the party and most of what Corbyn has said has been about plans for the country and about what he wants to do. I think it is fairly self explanatory to see why he is ahead in the polls and why he is a favourite, even with people outside of Labour, heck even those not too interested in politics. If Labour can’t be an effective opposition then it has no chance of forming the next government and the only person who I feel can lead the party well is Corbyn. I don’t see why after two consecutive losses in the general elections, that have been mostly blairite inspired, that MPs don’t want a change. People have had lost hope in Labour for a while now and all of a sudden people are excited again about the possibility of Labour reverting back to what it was supposed to be and MPs are saying there will be a coup if he wins, really? The tories don’t need to play divide and rule right now, Labour is doing it for them.

The fact that there are MPs within the party who do not support Corbyn as he intends to put an end to austerity and opposes trident makes me wonder if they are being serious about this election at all. Talk about out of touch. I support Corbyn and have voted for him in the leadership for a range of reasons, some of which are already mentioned above. One of the reasons I voted for him is due to the fact that his views are in line with public opinion across a range of key issues including the economy, foreign policy and the nationalisation of public utiliites. Corbyn’s programme for government in regards to the economy include an end to austerity, higher taxes for the top bracket earners and protection for those on welfare, more skilled jobs and genuine apprenticeships. Corbyn has made  a strong focus point on groups, unions and grassroot organisations who have been campaigning against austerity and social injustice, which means he is also attracting a range of different sectors of the population, young people in particular. Despite there being a surge of young people who voted in this years’ election, there was still a big bracket who chose not to vote at all due to a complete disenchantment of mainstream politics. I believe that Corbyn may just be one of the contenders to change this.

I agree with a lot of Corbyn’s ideas and values, especially when it comes to our NHS, Housing and Education. A fully-funded NHS and social care, with no more privatization to our health services, Rent controls and decent homes for the public and private sector by 2025, worker protection by abolishing zero-hour contracts and an end to workplace injustice, public ownership of the railways and energy sector and an introduction to a national education service for skills and opportunities, universal childcare, abolishing student fees and restoring grants. I believe that Corbyn is one of the most genuine politicians I have seen in a while and I will be happy to support him if he wins the Labour leadership (which he will). I think it would be a great thing to watch the party change over time and if MPs and other members want to seriously consider leaving due to this, please do so!

I want Labour to be a party worth voting for again if I’m honest. The Labour my parents told me about when I was old enough to start understanding party politics. The Labour that made me join aged 15. It seems that Corbyn is the only one capable of this out of the other candidates. This ‘New Labour’ stunt will not work again I’m afraid. People are starting to notice and are sick of it. I did some research into Labour’s performance in the previous elections right back to 1997 (where Tony Blair won with an outright majority of 13.5m votes) and saw that since then, their votes had dropped dramatically. Labour used a centre left platform then with their probable policy on the renationalization of railways (fell through). As soon as people realised what this New Labour or Blairite Labour meant, people stopped voting. If people didn’t mind cuts, privitisation and austerity, they would just vote tory its that simple. I suspect people still want those changes Labour promised years ago by Blair, because it all fell apart. New Labour is not what Labour voters want. And we shouldn’t have to stand for that in a leader for the upcoming  years.

This is why I voted Corbyn.


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